Don't waste your time cleaning and filling old style, unsanitary bird waterers.
Save your time for other projects.
Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your birds have clean water 24/7.
Designed for birds, young and old.
The last bird waterer you will ever need!

Anyone who has owned birds knows that the most frustrating job is taking care of the bird water bowls and founts. Having to scrub and clean it multiple times daily wastes water and creates a muddy mess. THE THIRSTY BIRD is the solution to all your bird waterer problems, as it does away with all of their flaws in a compact and simple design. Simply install and attach to any outdoor water faucet and watch as your muddy mess dries up and your birds learn to drink in a new way.

THE THIRSTY BIRD was created for ease of use, no waste, and less mess. We have a strict quality standard and as such we use only quality parts in all of our products.
THE THIRSTY BIRD is assembled in the USA using only the highest quality materials that are made in the USA whenever possible.

Birds young and old can learn to use THE THIRSTY BIRD!

Chicks raised on THE THIRSTY CHICK have a seamless transition to THE THIRSTY BIRD. Older birds making the transition from another style waterer to THE THIRSTY BIRD will need a little show and tell (pushing the drinkers with your finger). It usually takes birds about two to three weeks to learn how to use the drinkers. In a test with five chickens it took the first hen one week to learn to drink and within four weeks the other four had learned to drink from this drinker. Remember to leave your old waterer near THE THIRSTY BIRD drinker until all your birds have learned to drink from THE THIRSTY BIRD. Results may vary.
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